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CDRouter Test Cases and Add-ons

Our test architectures and test cases are broken into several products, that all expand what CDRouter can do. When learning about what you're developing, we’ll find what add-ons work best for you.

Base Tests

CDRouter comes standard with hundreds of WAN, routing, security, and application test cases applicable to any consumer or business gateway.


Run stateful, line-rate traffic through your device under test, and prove that device functions don’t impact network performance, QoS performs properly, and a device’s performance does not degrade over time.


Simulate DOCSIS network services for testings CMs and eRouters through any CMTS. Test cases that exercise configuration, routing, application, and performance metrics make cable/MSO testing easier than ever before.


Are you making the transition to IPv6? Are your customers demanding dual-stack functionality in your CPE products? Get access to all of the WAN-side and LAN-side network elements necessary to simulate a complete IPv6 test environment within a single test platform.


CDRouter TR-069 transforms your CDRouter platform into a fully scriptable ACS simulator for testing CWMP conformance, security, and data model validation with thousands of test cases for kind of connected device.


Built by experts deeply involved in TR-369, the CDRouter USP add-on transforms your test platform into a fully scriptable USP controller, perfect for testing USP compliance, security, and data model testing with thousands of test cases for any kind of connected device.


ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) is a test setup expansion for devices that are cloud managed, require the retrieval of configuration data from a remote source, or rely on connections to other online applications to operate.


For security gateways that support VPN and IPSEC tunnelling, the IKE module lets CDRouter simulate hosts connecting through these IKE based features to ensure that your device’s VPN connections are secure and robust.


Used by the Broadband Forum Test Lab for its BBF.069 CPE Certification Program, this CDRouter add-on lets you perform the rigorous certification tests for pre-certification or regression testing before or during your certification process.


Add the power and flexibility to test multiple interfaces, whether on the WAN or the LAN. This makes it perfect for multi-service environments testing voice, video, and data together, or exercising the scalability of your Wifi access point.


With automatic scanning across all WAN and LAN configurations, you can find out how your devices will appear on live networks scanned with nmap, a critical step for ensuring the security of home and business gateways, routers, and other devices.


A fully automated NMS simulator with support for standard SNMP PDUs and MIBs specific to broadband gateways, DOCSIS cable modems, and eRouters, CDRouter can ensure your DUTs SNMP support reliably from one firmware to the next.


CDRouter provides test coverage for both stand-alone NAS devices and NAS functionality that is built into your home gateway or other devices, with test cases for file system and transfer protocols such as SMB/CIFS, FTP, and FTPS.

Learn how CDRouter can help with these technologies and more.