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Build your IoT or Smart Home devices quickly & confidently with a test solution that validates products at every stage of development

PassPort is a fully automated solution for testing the connectivity and interoperability of IoT and Smart Home devices.

By emulating a real home network, PassPort enables repeatable network testing for ensuring IoT and Smart Home devices behave as intended for your customers.

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A fully automated test solution that enables repeatable network testing of IoT and Smart Home devices

Accelerate product development

Accelerate product development

Reliable, repeatable, easy to use test cases designed by experts.

Increase sales & confidence

Increase sales & confidence

Validate IoT device implementations and prove interoperability prior to deployment.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs

Reduce support costs and spend less time testing, debugging, troubleshooting issues.

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Visit the technology page to learn how PassPort enables network testing of IoT and Smart Home devices.

Connecting the dotsDiscover how PassPort is helping customers build better IoT and Smart Home products

News, Announcements

QA Cafe Announces Fully Automated IoT and Smart Home Test Solution

May 18, 2021

QA Cafe announces the release of PassPort, a first-of-its-kind, fully automated, and easy-to-use test solution to improve feature and protocol interoperability of IoT and smart home products, ensuring that IoT devices operate as intended before they are deployed.


How to Improve Wi-Fi Interoperability in Your Smart Home Products

September 07, 2021

Watch as the QA Cafe PassPort team shows you how fully automated Wi-Fi connectivity testing will improve your IoT and smart home products. We’ll cover topics including common connectivity and stability issues with Wi-Fi enabled products; Wi-Fi security and configuration options, and why you should test all of them; and Automating tests to look for regressions.


Building an automated test strategy - the definitive guide

May 25, 2022

Download our complete guide to creating a test automation strategy for developers, QA teams, and product managers building broadband CPE, Wi-Fi, and smart home products.

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