Comprehensive, standardized test coverage

WAN Connectivity

CDRouter contains standardized test cases exercising a DUT’s ability to connect to a variety of WAN terminations, including DHCPv4/v6, static IP, PPPoE, PPPoA, PPTP, L2TP, 802.1x, or even simulate a full DOCSIS provisioning system.

Performance and Scaling

Uncover performance problems before they're seen in the field by flexing your device’s ability to handle line-rate throughput, QoS settings, scaling Wifi and LAN clients, and scaling of active connections.


CDRouter simulates the network services required for a fully featured DOCSIS network, letting you test cable modems and eRouters through any CMTS. This plus new test cases that exercise configuration, routing, application, and performance metrics in a repeatable, automated environment that makes cable/MSO testing easier than ever before.

Routing and Forwarding

Home gateways, Wifi Routers, and eRouters perform the heavy lifting for Internet Protocol operations. CDRouter can verify NAT and port mapping functions, RIP and other routing protocols, multicast, ICMP forwarding, etc., repeatedly and predictably.

Network Services and Applications

Prove your device can handle the processing and implementation of key network applications such as DNS, NTP, HTTP, proxy, etc., and real-world applications like UPnP, IGMP, HTTP, SIP ALG, gaming, mDNS, and other protocols on both the WAN and the LAN.

IPv6 Migration

Are you or your customers looking to deploy IPv6 in the access or home network? All of CDRouter’s tests can support both IPv4 and IPv6, and contains a full set of IPv6 test cases. That includes IPv6 transition mechanisms for access like 6rd, dslite, and MAP-T.

TR-069 and USP

CDRouter is the official platform for TR-069, and contains thousands of test cases for repeatable, automated qualification and regression testing for any device that supports CWMP or the new User Services Platform (USP). Our support team has decades of expertise and has been directly involved the development of both TR-069 and USP.


Connected Device security has never been more important than it is today, with malicious attackers specifically targeting the home network and Internet of Things. Verify a device’s firewall, perform full security probes with nmap, and test for known published security flaws that target connected devices. You can also test enterprise security features like VPN, IKE, access control, and DMZ configurations.

Build the system you want for the testing you need

Our test architectures and test cases are broken into several products, that all expand what CDRouter can do. When learning about the products you build and the environment you're in, we’ll find what add-ons work best for you.

Testing for any scenario

Closed Loop
In the Lab

for chipset, software, device vendors, and ISPs

With Application Access

for managed Wifi or cloud enabled devices

Simulate a DOCSIS Network

for Cable Providers and Vendors

  • Simulates a complete broadband and home network, both WAN and LAN
  • High-performance hardware with the latest wired and wireless test interfaces simulates your device’s test environment
  • Test directly over Ethernet, Wifi, or through an access concentrator (DSLAM, CMTS, OLT, or LTE eNodeB)
  • Great for repeatable, controlled regression testing
  • All the benefits of closed loop testing with the ability to reach external resources
  • Routes test traffic and network traffic separately
  • Gives access to cloud management systems, startup resources, or real-time applications
  • Great for consumer Wifi vendors
  • Test Cable Modem and eRouter interface all in one setup
  • A complete DOCSIS provisioning system with DHCP, TFTP, Time of Day, SNMP, and more
  • Verify performance limits, TR-069 configuration, Wifi configuration, and more
  • Great for Cable service providers and vendor labs

CDRouter is a completely automated test management system

Test Packages

Automation Engine

Results and Analysis

With all the tools you need, right in your browser


When you log in, see everything that’s going on at a glance for yourself or your team.

Live Results

Watch your tests in real time, stop, pause, and view logs.


Generate a detailed report of results and notes for your management or colleagues.

Regression Testing View

Visualize your DUT's progress from one firmware to the next as you work out the bugs.

Log Viewer

See your tests execute in real time, and mark or annotate key points for easy analysis.

View Captures

View captures right in your browser or upload them to your CloudShark appliance.