Full USP compliance testing and more in CDRouter 11.7

November 14, 2019 • 2 min read

As TR-069 has evolved into TR-369, or the User Services Platform, QA Cafe has been on the cutting edge, helping to test early implementations at plugfests and early versions of the open-source OB-USP-Agent. We launched the USP add-on in late 2018, shortly after the release of the protocol, to help companies quickly develop their USP solutions.

Now, the USP Add-on takes the next step forward with full support for the Conformance Test Plan for USP Agents (TR-469).


USP Agent conformance testing

The Broadband Forum recently released the Conformance Test Plan for USP Agents, which contains the base set of test cases for validating a USP Agent. This test plan will form the basis of an official USP Agent Certification program by the BBF in early 2020.

CDRouter customers who add USP to their system will gain access to these test cases, plus the comprehensive data model, plugfest, and scenario tests already included. As the conformance test plan evolves, these test cases will be added to CDRouter and accessible by simply updating the USP add-on.

What is in the test plan?

The Conformance Test Plan for USP Agents contains test cases that exercise all of the requirements for building a USP Agent according to TR-369. These tests are further divided by functionality tags - since USP is a very flexible standard, there are many options an Agent can implement for different use cases. Functionality tags help developers describe what their Agent supports when determining which test cases are mandatory.

How will the tests evolve?

Agent conformance will evolve as new use cases are added to the protocol and the USP data model defined in TR-181. The test cases added to new versions of the test plan may include functionality tests such as setting up a Wi-Fi network, firewall, IoT control, and more.

What else is in CDRouter 11.7?

We’ve also added numerous improvements and fixes based on customer requests to CDRouter 11.7. This includes a powerful new ability to automatically decrypt TLS when troubleshooting your test results. You can read the full release notes for more!