Smallnetbuilder uses CDRouter for tests and ranking

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The popular review and ranking website for home networking, Wifi, NAS, and other connected consumer devices,, has revamped its test procedures and will be adding a host of functional, scaling, and performance test cases exclusive to CDRouter to measure and rank the quality of small network equipment:

“We’ll be checking DNS, DHCP, UPnP, NAT, firewall and many other routing functions on every router we review. As far as I know, this will make SmallNetBuilder the first publication to perform exhaustive and consistent functional router testing.” - Tim Higgins,

This is exciting news for the retail consumer networking world. For performance tests, SNB will be running the following tests from CDRouter Performance:

  • TCP download throughput test WAN to LAN
  • TCP upload throughput test LAN to WAN
  • TCP bidirectional throughput test
  • UDP download throughput test WAN to LAN
  • UDP upload throughput test LAN to WAN
  • UDP bidirectional throughput test

You can download a list of the functional CDRouter tests the smallnetbuilder team uses here.