Qualifying network devices multi-client simulation and throughput testing

1 min read

As more and more network capable devices are added to home and business networks, enterprise edge routers, home gateways, and access points need to be pushed to the limits and tested in ways that simulate real-world connection scenarios. In this webinar, you’ll learn how automated performance testing can be sourced through multiple, virtualized clients - simulating real line-rate throughput and exercising your device’s functions and features in a complex environment.

Watch our video as we show you:

  • How to simulate multiple LAN interfaces, each simulating multiple clients
  • Multi-client throughput over Wi-Fi or wired connections
  • Scaling to a large number of connected hosts

These features are enabled through CDRouter Multiport. You can read our user guide to learn all the details of creating virtual clients and running tests that exercise your device’s ability to handle large nunbers of hosts.