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QA Cafe Announces Fully Automated IoT and Smart Home Test Solution

May 18, 2021

PassPort test solution improves interoperability and is critical to advancing the smart home industry

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Portsmouth, N.H. May 18 2021 - QA Cafe, a leading provider of network test solutions and analysis tools, today announced the release of PassPort, a first-of-its-kind, fully automated, and easy-to-use test solution to improve feature and protocol interoperability of IoT and smart home products, ensuring that IoT devices operate as intended before they are deployed.

“Interoperability, connectivity, and stability are critical to our smart home products,” said Hans Liu, Managing Director of the IoT Strategic Business Unit at D-Link Corporation. “The ability to test with full automation saves our product teams significant time and money while improving our brand reputation and guaranteeing a high-quality experience for customers of our smart-home solutions.”

Though the number of smart home devices is projected to grow, issues with interoperability and security have slowed consumer adoption of IoT solutions. Testing basic network functionality is often an oversight but saves companies significant money by reducing support costs and improving the overall end-user experience.

The new PassPort IoT test solution emulates a real home network, enabling repeatable, reliable testing with clear pass/fail results and comprehensive test coverage for IPv4, IPv6, and Wi-Fi devices. Smart home products that use ZigBee, Zwave, or Bluetooth can also be tested with PassPort through a smart hub, and all devices under test can connect to the cloud services they need while still being tested through PassPort.

“Testing IoT and smart home technologies can be difficult and time-consuming,” said Timothy Winters, Chief Technology Officer at QA Cafe. “Current IoT testing is often done manually which leads to difficulty in reproducing issues in the short amount of time needed for today's development cycle.  That drove us to create Passport.  Now, developers can focus  on the features and applications that differentiate their products, creating a more successful smart home industry overall.”

The PassPort test solution is available now directly from QA Cafe

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