TR-069 Training Series

Your complete guide to the CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP)

The Broadband Forum Techinical Report, TR-069 defines the CPE WAN Management Protocol, or CWMP. TR-069 was created to allow communication service providers the ability to remotely manage customer premesis equipment (CPE) using an Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) to manipulate a standardized data model.

The TR-069 world has expanded rapidly, supporting close to a billion devices. It is being adopted by new service providers worldwide every day. QA Cafe remains on the cutting edge of TR-069 Testing and is an active leader in the Broadband User Services group at the Broadband Forum.

If you are a developer of device software, network manager, or deployment specialist for a service provider, we here at QA Cafe want to get you started with the protocol and how you can test it to make sure it works, and works well, in your deployment.

This series is broken up into several parts, published on an ongoing basis. As we add more articles to this series, you will see them published here.

If you have any questions about TR-069, feel free to ask. You can reach the experts at