TR-369 Training - USP/TR-369 Training Series

Your complete guide to the User Services Platform (USP)

The User Services Platform is a system for managing, monitoring, deploying, troubleshooting, and controlling any kind of network connected electronics or virtual services. Developed by the Broadband Forum in TR-369, it’s intended for application developers, consumer electronics and networking manufacturers, and service provider to deploy a fully capable connected home.

QA Cafe remains on the cutting edge when testing the User Services Platform protocol, and want to keep you informed about how it works and how to develop a USP solution. This ongoing training series will cover each of these pieces of USP in detail. As we add more articles, you will see them listed here.

If you have any questions about USP or how to test it using CDRouter, always feel free to email us at

Build your USP/TR-369 solution

Test against an automated, scriptable USP Controller with thousands of pre-defined test cases.

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