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Interoperability and validation of the latest TR-069 and USP devices in CDRouter 11.8

January 23, 2020 · 3 min read

CDRouter contains complete data model validation for TR-069 and USP enabled devices that use the TR-181 Device:2.13 data model.

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Press releases

QA Cafe Delivers First Test Platform for USP

3 min read

You can read the prnewswire release here. Portsmouth, N.H., September 4, 2018 – QA Cafe, a leading provider of IP test solutions and capture analysis tools for broadband access, home networks, consumer electronics and service providers, today announced the release of the CDRouter USP test add-on. With the recent release of the Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP) - the natural evolution of the popular TR-069 device management protocol - QA Cafe is first to market with a comprehensive test suite for the new protocol for its industry standard CDRouter test platform. Keep reading

Product release

CDRouter Release 10.3 - DOCSIS, DUT Control, and More

2 min read

CDRouter 10.3 is now available! We recently teased the release of CDRouter DOCSIS, and 10.3 contains that plus much more. Introducing CDRouter DOCSIS Testing both your cable modem and eRouter together in an automated, repeatable way has never been easy. With our new DOCSIS add-on, we’ve added all of the common DOCSIS configuration services so you can flex CDRouter’s power with both cable modems and complex eRouters that include Wifi, firewalls, and other user-critical services - all at once, all overnight, and completely automated. Keep reading