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How to Deploy Secure CPE and Wi-Fi Routers - a free guide for service providers

September 21, 2020 · 2 min read

Our free guide for service providers covers the top ways that hackers target your subscriber's home network and a development checklist to protect your brand, your network, and your customers.

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APNIC blog - Testing transition mechanisms in IPv6-only networks

1 min read

Timothy Winters, QA Cafe’s Chief Technology Officer, is featured on APNIC, the Asia Pacific source of IP address distribution, with a blog post about Testing Transition Mechanisms in IPv6-Only Networks. What are the major roadblocks when testing IPv6 transition mechanisms? An excerpt: Moving to an IPv6-only network makes the most economical sense for the future, but legacy IPv4 hosts and services will continue to exist for some time. This means that operators need mechanisms that allow IPv4 packets to route through their IPv6-only network. Keep reading


How to get security traffic analysis insights during testing and why they're important

4 min read

Securing home/soho routers and WiFi network devices has become the most important topic for vendors and service providers. Here's how performing security traffic analysis during testing - before deployment - can avoid unnecessary costs, avoid brand damage, and guarantee a quality end-user experience. Keep reading


Webinar - Build and deploy safer products with new methods of security testing

1 min read

Security testing can be easy with the right tools! With an increase in cybercriminals targeting home/SOHO gateways and Wi-Fi APs, testing has never been more important. In this webinar, you’ll learn how monitoring the behavior of a device under test, by analyzing its live network traffic can help uncover issues that may not come to light with regular penetration testing. This revolutionary testing method validates that your device is following best practices or deployment policies prior to being deployed. Keep reading