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Webinar - Improving TR-069 and USP Interoperability Through Certification

March 19, 2021 · 1 min read

In this special live session with the Broadband Forum, learn where to start, what to test, and how to apply certification to TR-069, USP, and dual-stack implementations.

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How to automate your test and development environment for broadband and Wi-Fi CPE

8 min read

Your Wi-Fi routers, APs, and broadband CPE products all benefit from test automation Test automation is an important step for developers of software. Software development has moved steadily toward Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) to produce, test, and deploy updates to meet customers needs quickly. For those building complex devices like broadband gateways, Wi-Fi routers, or other networking products, the pressure to move towards this type of development presents unique challenges. Keep reading


Six tips for testing broadband CPE and Wi-Fi router performance

5 min read

Performance can make or break your product When developing or deploying broadband CPE, Wi-Fi routers, or home/business network devices, what are the things you should look for when testing performance? It’s more than just simply sending max-rate data through your device. Many different factors can affect your product’s performance - here’s six tips to guide you when qualifying your device performance during test and development. What is performance testing? Performance testing exercises your product's network processing ability. Keep reading


How to secure the connected home - a special live session with F-Secure and QA Cafe

1 min read

In this special session with experts from F-Secure and QA Cafe, you’ll learn about best practices for secure home gateway design and deployment throughout the product life cycle, and how security applications developed by experts and deployed on the CPE can help keep users safe in a hyper-connected world. Keep reading


APNIC blog - Testing transition mechanisms in IPv6-only networks

1 min read

Timothy Winters, QA Cafe’s Chief Technology Officer, is featured on APNIC, the Asia Pacific source of IP address distribution, with a blog post about Testing Transition Mechanisms in IPv6-Only Networks. What are the major roadblocks when testing IPv6 transition mechanisms? An excerpt: Moving to an IPv6-only network makes the most economical sense for the future, but legacy IPv4 hosts and services will continue to exist for some time. This means that operators need mechanisms that allow IPv4 packets to route through their IPv6-only network. Keep reading


How to get security traffic analysis insights during testing and why they're important

4 min read

Securing home/soho routers and WiFi network devices has become the most important topic for vendors and service providers. Here's how performing security traffic analysis during testing - before deployment - can avoid unnecessary costs, avoid brand damage, and guarantee a quality end-user experience. Keep reading