Testing tips

Increasing your DOCSIS testing output

1 min read

DOCSIS test setups have many different parts that all must be configured, maintained, and interoperable in order to reliably test Cable Modems, eRouters, and more. Doing this manually can be time consuming, especially when trying to use shared lab resources. What are some best practices for simulating and automating a DOCSIS environment to increase your testing output and perform more tests in less time? Join the QA Cafe team as we show you: Keep reading

Product release

CDRouter Release 10.3 - DOCSIS, DUT Control, and More

2 min read

CDRouter 10.3 is now available! We recently teased the release of CDRouter DOCSIS, and 10.3 contains that plus much more. Introducing CDRouter DOCSIS Testing both your cable modem and eRouter together in an automated, repeatable way has never been easy. With our new DOCSIS add-on, we’ve added all of the common DOCSIS configuration services so you can flex CDRouter’s power with both cable modems and complex eRouters that include Wifi, firewalls, and other user-critical services - all at once, all overnight, and completely automated. Keep reading


DOCSIS Cable Gateway Testing in a Shared Lab Enviroment

8 min read

With the DOCSIS add-on, CDRouter is perfectly suited for testing and verifying the higher layer network functionality of a DOCSIS-based device under test (DUT). The basic CDRouter test setup for cable gateways is very similar to the test setup for DSL-based gateways. Like the DSL test setup, CDRouter does not have the ability to terminate a cable gateway’s HFC WAN connection directly. As a result, a CMTS must be included in a cable gateway test setup, as opposed to a DSLAM for DSL gateways. Keep reading


DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation in Edge Routers

4 min read

In the course of developing the test suite for DHCPv6 prefix delegation, QA Cafe encountered a number of implementation issues that impact the functionality of IPv6 connectivity. Some of these potential implementation issues are discussed below. Implementation Issues with IPv6 Prefix Delegation in DHCP Now that IPv6 is moving out of the core and into residential networks, DHCPv6 prefix delegation has emerged as the leading technique to provision IPv6 CPE devices. Keep reading