How well do application aware gateways handle http headers?

Modern home gateways and Wifi routers have a lot of advanced functionality that do more than simply push packets. Devices that look directly at application layer traffic may do so for a number of reasons: Optimization of particular user applications or web traffic Advanced firewall functionality Quality of Service And others. Since there is a level of processing happening at the application layer, it’s important to test that the gateway can handle unusual or edge-case data that may end up going through this processing. Read more...

What NAT ALGs does CDRouter test?

CDRouter includes test cases for the following NAT ALGs: FTP DNS ICMP H.323 (outbound and inbound) MSN Messenger RTSP SIP IPSEC (IKE and IPSEC ESP) PPTP CDRouter also runs several applications through the device under test that do not require a full NAT ALG. These include: HTTP HTTPS SMTP POP3 TFTP