Managed IoT, security, and the User Services Platform

2 min read

The team here at QA Cafe is deeply involved in networking standards, especially the Broadband Forum and the TR-069 protocol. The Broadband Forum is expanding the reach of TR-069 with its User Services Platform, representing an evolution of TR-069 to managed a more varied and greater number of connected devices. As consumer electronics vendors enter the world of network connected devices, and networking vendors begin to enter the world of smart devices, there’s a lot of new challenges that management systems can solve. Keep reading


Exploring scaling tests - Is your home gateway IoT ready?

4 min read

By now we’ve all heard of the coming flood of network aware devices collectively referred to as the “Internet of Things”. While the term encompasses a wide variety of use cases that are not all clearly defined, we can come up with some rudimentary expectations on how this influx of connections will affect networks. For the home gateway, the most significant impact is how to handle an order of magnitude more connections than most are traditionally designed for - how well does it scale? Keep reading