Testing LAN clients with Public IP addresses in CDRouter

6 min read

In a typical home network, the ISP assigns a single Public IPv4 address to the CPE device that can be reached from the global Internet. The device assigns Private IPv4 addresses to CDRouter’s LAN clients and acts as an Internet gateway to them by mapping all of the Private addresses to the one Public address using Network Address Translation (NAT). (Private IPv4 addresses are described in RFC 1918, eg. 192. Keep reading

Testing tips

Testing TR-069 LAN side CPE with CDRouter

2 min read

The CDRouter TR-069 add-on module for CDRouter has the ability to test LAN-side devices, as defined in TR-181i1. TR-069 LAN-side devices are typically set-top boxes or VoIP endpoints that reside on the LAN side of the customer’s Internet Gateway Device (IGD) which may or may not support TR-069. The CDRouter TR-069 add-on supports automated testing for LAN-side devices. You can use this test setup to: Easily test TR-069 enabled LAN-side devices such as set-top boxes (STB) or voice-over-IP (VoIP) endpoints Can be used to test devices that are operating in both load-balancing mode or failover mode Automated PD-128 and data model profile testing for LAN-side devices CDRouter can test LAN devices that support Broadband Forum TR-104 (VoIPService data model), TR-135 (STBService data model), TR-196 (FAPService data model), TR-140 (StoargeService data model), and TR-181i1/i2 (Device root data models). Keep reading