Testing devices with wireless WAN connections

3 min read

At QA Cafe we continuously see new consumer broadband and home network devices come into the market and into our lab. One of the newest class of devices are “travel routers” - routers that are popular with people who frequently connect to public Wifi networks or those offered by hotels, restaurants, or hospitals. These devices let you preserve network settings that your devices need, let you set up default connections to VPNs or other secure networks, and act as an additional level of firewall security when connecting to public networks. Keep reading

Testing tips

Testing a Wifi Range Extender or Wifi Mesh System

2 min read

Devices that enhance consumer Wifi are becoming more and more prevalent, both off the shelf and deployed by service providers. A Wifi booster or Wifi range extender is sometimes a simple repeater, but more often they act as layer 2 bridges, and can still be tested for performance and management via TR-069 or SNMP. Isolating a node in a Wifi mesh When there are multiple repeaters forming a mesh, as is the case with a lot of consumer Wifi systems, it’s best to isolate the DUT that you want by telling CDRouter which BSSID in the mesh to connect to. Keep reading