Six tips for testing broadband CPE and Wi-Fi router performance

5 min read

Performance can make or break your product When developing or deploying broadband CPE, Wi-Fi routers, or home/business network devices, what are the things you should look for when testing performance? It’s more than just simply sending max-rate data through your device. Many different factors can affect your product’s performance - here’s six tips to guide you when qualifying your device performance during test and development. What is performance testing? Performance testing exercises your product's network processing ability. Keep reading


Understanding Performance Results

4 min read

We get a lot of feedback from our users discovering new and interesting results when combining functional testing with throughput, latency, and loss testing. Having a good understanding of how performance tests work and the caveats around their results can help you determine how your functional tests are impacting performance, and visa-versa. Understanding the theoretical maximum of application data What is “line rate”? CDRouter Performance is designed to measure “application level” throughput. Keep reading