Is your TR-069 implementation vulnerable to code injection attacks?

3 min read

Updates in CDRouter 10.3 The scenarios below are serious, and so we’ve added a series of tests to our tr69_conn_req.tcl module to cover your DUT’s TR-069 security and tests for code injection in TR-069 parameters. More on the Mirai worm attack in 2016 In 2016, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack dubbed the “Mirai worm” expanded its reach by exploiting a vulnerability in an exposed Broadband Forum TR-064 service (a deprecated service which we’ve written about here). Keep reading


Mirai attack on home routers and alleged TR-069 vulnerability

5 min read

Update: Learn more about how this attack could be used against TR-069 devices here. The week of November 28 2016 saw a massive attack on certain home routers deployed by several European service providers. The attack was based on the Mirai Malware attack several weeks previous that affected the dynamic DNS services provided by Dyn, Inc.. The attack focused on sending certain SOAP commands based on the Broadband Forum’s older TR-064 protocol, through port 7547. Keep reading