Configuring CDRouter for 802.1x Authentication on the WAN

8 min read

CDRouter includes support for configurations involving 802.1X authentication on the WAN. 802.1X is typically used by service providers to authenticate a client or device and open a port on an 802.1X enabled DSLAM or switch for CPE traffic. CPE devices that support 802.1X on the WAN must include 802.1X supplicant functionality in addition to common IPv4 and IPv6 WAN connectivity options such as DHCP and PPPoE. About IEEE 802.1x IEEE 802. Keep reading


Why does my 802.1x RADIUS session stop after the first packet?

1 min read

Some 802.1x/EAPOL authenticator implementations expect to find the RADIUS “State” attribute in any RADIUS response from the server. Some RADIUS servers use the State attribute to maintain sessions and some RADIUS clients check for it. However, when these implementations do not find the State attribute, the RADIUS packet may be dropped. The packet trace would look as follows: INFO(setup): 16:41:36' Sending EAP-Start to initiate authorization process O>>>(lan): 16:41:36' 00:15:e9:30:8b:7e 00:0c:41:6d:e8:09 EAPOL EAPOL-Start INFO(setup): 16:41:36' Starting DHCP client on LAN interface eth2 O>>>(lan): 16:41:36' 0. Keep reading